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  1. Research & Strategy Developement
  2. Build A Trading Platform
  3. Risk Management
  4. Practice & Continued Learning

System Setup

Geared toward aspiring traders, this course provides information on how you can best begin your trading journey by showing you how to properly set up a trading platform, find stocks to trade, apply risk management rules, and execute.


  1. TD Ameritrade Setup
  2. How To Build A Watchlist
  3. How To Find Entries, Exists & Stop Losses
  4. How To Find Support, Resistance & Trend Lines


Day trading involves researching and developing a strategy, setting up a trading plan, managing risk, and continuously learning. It’s important to approach it with caution and seek guidance from experienced traders.


  1. Research & Strategy Development
  2. Building A Trading Plan
  3. Risk Management
  4. Practice & Continued Learning


This course discusses the most effective criteria you can use for stock selection, how you should go about identifying potentially winning setups, and how to successfully execute a trade using a number of proven day trading strategies.


  1. The Mid Candle Breakout
  2. Momentum Trading
  3. Range Trading
  4. High Of Day Breakout
  5. News Based Trading
  6. Scalping
  7. ABCD Strategy
  8. Golden Cross


Join us live every trading day as our experienced traders share their trades and thought processes with you. You can view our scanners, receive breaking news from our exclusive zoom link, and prepare for your trading day with our 8:30 AM ET pre-market analysis show.

Advanced Course

This course is designed to assist you with developing an education plan, identifying the trading strategy that best suits you, building a Trading plan and successfully transitioning to live trading.


  1. The Fibonacci Levels
  2. Done Trading In An Hour By Mastering The Opening Bell
  3. Dominant The ABCD Strategy
  4. Properly Managing Risk As A Trader
  5. Three-Month Program For New Traders